WP1: Project Coordination & Management

Co-ordinator: Paraskevi Karachle (HCMR)

The Project Coordinator (Paraskevi Karachle, HCMR) will have the overall responsibility of coordination and project management. This includes all necessary actions of coordination, planning, communication, implementation and evaluation of the project. In addition, each work package (WP) has a WP-coordinator that along with the project coordinator and the task leaders will bear responsibility for the proper and timely execution of all planned work within each WP tasks and sub-tasks. Moreover, the Project Coordinator and WP coordinators will ensure data flow within and between WPs and tasks, as required by the project. The Project Coordinator will also be responsible for budgetary control, adherence to the timetable, monitoring the development of the project, timely delivery of all deliverables and writing the interim and final reports. All partners will contribute to the interim and final reports; collection and compilation of all necessary information, as well as the final editing of the text will be the responsibility of the Project Coordinator.


D1.1a: Kick-off meeting minutes
D1.1b: Inception Report
D1.2: Minutes of the 2nd meeting
D1.3: Minutes of the 3rd meeting
D1.4: Minutes of the 4th meeting
D1.5: 1st Interim Report
D1.6: 2nd Interim Report
D1.7: 3rd Interim Report
D1.8: Draft Final Report

Work Packages

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About Us

PROTOMEDEA stands for "Towards the establishment of Marine Protected Area Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean"

The project will be running for 36 months, from December 2015 to November 2018

and the level of funding amounts to EUR 600.000.