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First data concerning the diet of the lessepsian yellowspotted puffer Torquigener flavimaculosus Hardy & Randall, 1983 with information on its biology.

Chartosia N., Konstantinou A., Karachle P. and Michailidis N.(2019).

Pressure by coastal fisheries shapes the structure of rocky reef fish communities in the Aegean Sea.

Sini M., Vatikiotis K., Thanopoulou Z, Katsoupis C., Maina I., Kavadas S., Karachle P.K., Katsanevakis S. (2019).

Accepted with changes

Is recreational fishing in Greece an IUU activity that increases catch uncertainty? Frontiers in Marine Science.

Karachle P.K., Dimarchopoulou D., Tsikliras A.C. (2019).

Scientific Publications in related journals

Petza D., Chalkias C., Koukourouvli N., Coll M., Vassilopoulou V., Karachle P.K., Markantonatou V., Tsikliras A.C., Katsanevakis S. (2019). doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2019.01.005
Zenetos A., Corsini-Foka M., Crocetta F., Gerovasileiou V., Karachle P.K., Simboura N., Tsiamis K. and Pancucci-Papadopoulou A-M. (2018). doi: 10.3391/mbi.2018.9.3.04
Petza D., Maina I., Koukourouvli N., Dimarchopoulou D., Akrivos D., Kavadas S., Tsikliras A.C., Karachle P. K., Katsanevakis S. (2017). Mediterranean Marine Science, 18(2): 310-323. doi:10.12681/mms.2081

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